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an unexplained phenomenon that causes creatures inhabiting the deepest regions of the ocean to grow to unimaginable sizes.

if i had a bajillion dollars i might live in new york for a spell. i’ve really enjoyed being here and i’ll be sad to go. it’s so ding dong easy to walk everywhere and even though it’s slightly intense and very much a metropolis i could see myself spending one of the nicer seasons in a teensy apartment near a tube station.


on the one hand, I try to be as understanding and nonjudgmental about people’s decision to incorporate this or that ethical action into their life- but at the same time, it inherently frustrates and disappoints me when people purport to champion ideals that they do not hold themselves accountable to in their own life. it’s a very difficult conflict of emotion & intention for me. maybe because i push myself so hard to find areas in my life where i am being at all hypocritical and correct them, i have trouble sharing the perspective of those who do not. i wish it was easier.

oh my goodness gravy

yo yo ma played Bach for us and my Secret First Thought was that I loved when he was on Arthur

#honestly my first grade self would die

hums the Newsies soundtrack while walking to U.N. conference