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an unexplained phenomenon that causes creatures inhabiting the deepest regions of the ocean to grow to unimaginable sizes.

thus spake zarathustra on loop

#go hard or go home

now we just have to wait for melancholia to circle back around

lunar eclipse !!!!! lunar eclipse !!!!! lunar eclipse !!!!!

#lunar eclipse !!!!! #this is what I live for

I will never understand why psychology relies so heavily on categorization and even lists of symptoms to a certain extent, or at least does so without taking into account a variety of factors, ignoring sociological truths and the limitations of research or statistics, neglecting to address most conditions as spectrum-based, and not emphasizing the tendency of comorbidity. it’s like attempts are being made to quantify manifestations of neurological function without incorporating the whole picture, despite our admittance that the mechanisms of the brain are largely unknown we still treat the mind from the perspective that we have things figured out to such a detailed extent. the mind and the brain, physiology and behaviors and social factors, they all need to be considered or you need to be okay with working from the assumption that the majority of our knowledge might be inherently flawed. which is usually ok as long as you are truly accepting of that premise


sinus infection