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an unexplained phenomenon that causes creatures inhabiting the deepest regions of the ocean to grow to unimaginable sizes.

The problem exists everywhere, the DSM iv classifies test anxiety as a social phobia, like are you fucking kidding me

#don't even get me started on the motherfucking DSM iv

Expect a lot of midterm-related deconstruction of ineffective systematic teaching models and detrimental societal values, I guess. It doesn’t make me feel much better about how hellish the experience is or my own inevitable poor performance, but sometimes if I can intellectualize my distaste I can distance myself from it

#never participate in the world #it is stupid and makes absolutely no sense

The problem w/ the understanding of test anxiety by schools is that it is not isolated to the experience of the test itself, anxiety disorder by its very nature is consumed by inability to remain present, meaning studying for a future test (i.e. an approaching known threat in physio terms) diminishes ability to learn and retain the information the test, I suppose, is meant to provide an incentive to learn. Which I find additionally frustrating because there is no one who is more inherently motivated to learn than me, it is a fundamental aspect of my identity. Of course, this system is not designed by ppl who study learning as much as those who desire to monetize it, and is also representative of a society which promotes the value of external reward above all others, a model that will always be doomed to fail. Goodness gravy

#lol is my intj showing

a girl in my bio lab showed me the drain where all the tiny frogs live, she lifted the cover and there they were

[ability to think, midterms] such that int. value = 0

f(ability to think) = (ability to think)^class load * 1/anxiety+other homework

g(midterms) = (midterms)^4 

CL+ (f+g = continuous)

thus f(ability to think) < 0 < g(midterms) for continuity

Lim (possibility of success) as (ability to think) » -infinity = 0

#except I do not dine on fauna but they can dine on me all they want #idc really what happens to my dead body donate to science I guess or whatever does some good